Leader vs Boss

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Leader vs Boss

Post by deserved »

Boss Vs Leader: 11 Posters Perfectly Depict The Difference Between Them

A boss believes in giving the instructions and getting things done through others, a leader honestly takes his/her share of work and completes it along with the team achieve desirable targets.

A boss will tell you what to do, but a real leader will also show you how to do it.

Bosses achieve success on the stairs others constructed, but a real leader is the one who takes the team along to the top. And if you'd ask me, I'd say these are just a few examples that show us the difference between a boss and a leader.

So, for a better understanding of the concept, we at The Popple have compiled the list of most notable Boss vs Leader virtues.

Boss says 'I,' leader says 'We.'
Leaders make their team responsible enough to make them understand the worth of their job.

Boss drives employees, leader coaches them.
A leader believes in interdependence and cooperation.

Boss always blames for the breakdown, leader fixes them.
Leaders keep boosting the morale of the team.

Boss commands, leader asks.
Ask any leader in the world and they'd say, "my team is my biggest asset."

Boss uses people, leader develops them.
Leaders always welcome the ideas and suggestions from their team members.

Boss inspires fear, leader generates enthusiasm.
Leader never lets you down when you make mistakes, but makes you learn from them.

Boss takes credit, leader gives credit.
A true leader would never want his team to follow him, rather discover new paths for themselves.

Boss depends on authority, leader depends on goodwill.
Leaders maintain their goodwill by winning team members' confidence and by doing continuous, reliable work.

Boss is impersonal, leader is compassionate.
Leaders teach moral values to their team. They talk about integrity, discipline and taking ownership of their work.

Boss thinks short-term, leader thinks long-term.
Bosses take everything personally and work in the exact opposite direction of what we mentioned above.

Boss focuses on people, leader focuses on process.
:superb: Article Credit goes to: Keith Kirin
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Leader vs Boss

Post by TimothyMop »

I agree uwe. its too close to the last world boss, I have only 500 supplies as last time I had 3000. min damage for me then
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