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“Come. Iron these sarees.”, my bhabhi (meaning: sister-in-law, brother’s wife) said to me while she dumped a heap of 5-6 sarees in front of me. And without paying me any attention, she walked away to continue to work in the kitchen. Since I didn’t want my bhabhi to get angry, I got up from the sofa, tucked my saree pallu in my waist and began to work. My first task was to unravel these beautiful saree heap and open it up evenly before I start ironing. One particular saree caught my attention; it was a beautiful saree with embroidery along the edges and feminine flower prints all over. “Someday I will ask bhabhi to let me wear this saree.”, I thought to myself as tried to spread it over my blouse to see how that saree would look on me.

It is truly unbelievable how the events in my life had turned out. About seven months ago, I was a successful software engineer, a man, and today I am helping my bhabhi iron her sarees when I myself am wearing a homely but beautiful chiffon saree at home. “How did this happen?”, my mind began to wonder. How come a man like me changed so much that I have started thinking like a woman? No, this story is not how you think it happened.

This all started with that night about 7 months ago when my long time girlfriend Sunaina broke up with me. I was shattered. I had dreams of sharing my life with her, but she broke up with me so easily. Since she worked in my office in the same team as mine, it was difficult to continue in that job when I could see her all the time. So, I decided to leave that job.

Given that I was experienced and excellent programmer, I knew that I would easily get another job. How wrong was I? Who gives a job to a person who looks heart-broken like Devdas and talks in a depressive manner? And soon I had received rejection from 6-7 different companies. My confidence was shaken, and it seemed like I will never be able to recover from this. My time at home was spent thinking about Sunaina all the time, all those beautiful moments that we shared. I got lazy too. In that depression, I could not even get excited to apply for a job.

I was in a bad situation and my brother realized that. That’s why he let me live in his home and never said anything bad to me. But my bhabhi was an angry woman by nature. She used to get furious seeing me like that. And it was about one month ago, she came upto me and dumped a saree, a blouse and some bangles on my lap and said, “If you can’t get a job, then you should wear this saree and bangles, and help me do some household work in my home. You just sit there in your room doing nothing. You have become a burden on us.” She said angrily and left me in the room.

I had been tolerating my bhabhi‘s anger for a long time but today, she had crossed her limits. Asking a man to wear bangles is the biggest insult one can do to a respectable man. I got up to find her and said to her, “Bhabhi, you can’t insult me like this. Do you even know what is going on in my heart? Can’t you be a little understanding?”

But my bhabhi had no repent. “What’s going-on in your heart? I know you are thinking about that Sunaina. What’s the big deal if some girl dumped you? You used to say you are a big software engineer. But you have no job and you are of no use. If you think you are capable of doing something, then wear that saree and cook a meal for me once.”, bhabhi wasn’t going to stop with her hurting words.

And I began to think that today I will answer her. Cooking is not such a big deal. I used to do that all the time when I lived alone in my apartment. I don’t know what went through my mind; I picked up that saree and wrapped around me in a haphazard manner. I didn’t know how to wear a saree. Still, I came to the kitchen like that. I must have looked really ugly that day. But I cooked lunch for my bhabhi in an hour. And I called her to eat.

She came out and looked at me. I was still wearing that saree. But she didn’t say anything and started to eat. After a few bites, she looked at me and said, “You have cooked really delicious lunch. I didn’t know that you know how to cook.” And after a few seconds of staring at me and began laughing hysterically. “… but you don’t know how to wear a saree. Come, I am going to teach you how to wear a saree properly.”

At that instant, I could not think of anything to say to her. And before I could begin to understand the situation, my bhabhi was teaching me how to wear a saree. She draped it pretty well on me with proper even pleats and well folded pallu pinned over my shoulder. A few minutes ago that saree appeared quite ugly to me, but when draped properly, the same saree looked really elegant. And yet, I looked ridiculous in it as I had a long untrimmed beard and I was still wearing a t-shirt underneath it.

But that afternoon, it was the first time bhabhi spoke to me with some consideration of my feelings. And soon she broached the topic of my break-up. She grabbed my hand and said, “Listen, Vinay. Forming and breaking up of relationships at your age is very common. You cannot give up on life just because one girl left you. You need to get over Sunaina soon. You have already wasted 6 months of your life, but you need to move on. You must keep yourself busy during the day so that your mind is not occupied with her thoughts. And you will begin to feel better in no time.”

That was the first time it felt like there is some sense in what bhabhi was saying. Staying home without any job had kept me occupied with thoughts about Sunaina. But then, how do I keep myself busy until I get a job? That was a big question in my mind.

Next day, when I woke up, the first thing I did was to shave off my beard and wear clothes that would make me look fresh. I had breakfast with my brother who left immediately for his office after that. After my brother left, my bhabhi came up to me and said, “Come with me. Let me teach you how to keep yourself busy during the day.” A little curious about her plans, I followed her to her room.

“Since you made delicious lunch yesterday, it is your responsibility now to cook dinner for all of us everyday. And you will try to do as many interviews in a day so that you can find a job soon. And when you are at home alone with me, you won’t live as my brother-in-law. You will be my sister-in-law.”, bhabhi said to me and handed me a saree, a petticoat and a matching blouse. Today, there was a wig too. I don’t know how she got that in such a short time since yesterday. I looked at bhabhi with a puzzled face. She smiled and said, “Don’t you remember how to wear it? I taught you yesterday and you already forgot. Ok, I am going to teach you once more. But that’s it. From now onwards, you will have to wear sarees everyday on your own.”

This idea of keeping myself busy while living as a woman was really unusual. But since she was talking to me lovingly, I didn’t question her. I didn’t want her to get angry like earlier. That day, she draped a beautiful crepe saree on me, put on a wig on my head and also did my makeup complete with a bindi on my forehead. And when I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked like a real beautiful tall and slim girl. I realized that I had really lost a lot of weight in the past depressive six months. “See how beautiful my sister-in-law Sunaina is!”, my bhabhi exclaimed in joy after her work on me. “But why the name Sunaina, bhabhi?”, I asked her. “Yes, Sunaina is going to be your name since today. So that you forget that bitch Sunaina and remember this new Sunaina.”, she said it with so much love in her eyes. Until today, I never thought that she was capable of showering love too.

It has been one month since that day. And now, I have learnt so many things about being a woman. I have become an expert in wearing a saree and that too in various draping styles. I love spending time doing makeup to look beautiful. I have changed so much that my bhabhi asks me for an advice about how to match jewelry and make up with her sarees.

With all these changes happening, I have really started to forget my ex-girlfriend Sunaina. I have been through 4-5 interview rounds with various good companies, and I am likely to get final offer letter in the next two weeks. My bhabhi’s idea was unusual but it worked.

And yet, today I am ironing my bhabhi‘s sarees at home like a woman. Honestly, I have started enjoying helping bhabhi in her household chores. While I was busy with my work, bhabhi came into the room. I noticed her and said to her, “Bhabhi, you wore this saree yesterday evening, right? And you washed it today morning. Isn’t it too soon? I thought washing sarees this soon can make its color fade.”

She smiled at my question and said, “Sunaina dear, you should never ask a woman what happened to her saree at the night! If you get to know what your brother did with me last night, you will start feeling shy.” Really I began to feel a little uncomfortable. What happens between her and her husband in the bedroom is their business, and I didn’t want to know.

“Listen girl. My brother Rohan is coming here to meet us tomorrow. If you want, I can ask him if he would be interested to marry you?”, bhabhi tried to tease me. “Come on, bhabhi!”, I blushed. “Why would he marry a woman like me?”, I said. The moment that I said those words, I realized I had given my bhabhi a chance to tease me further. “Oh so Sunaina madam is dreaming of becoming a bride!”, she said and laughed. And I just kept on ironing the sarees. Soon, bhabhi got occupied with her work too. After finishing all those sarees, I sat in a sofa and turned on TV to watch afternoon shows.

A little later, I head my bhabhi‘s voice. “Sunaina! Sunaina! Wake up.” I must have dozed off in that sofa while watching TV. I rubbed my eyes to wake up. “What happened, bhabhi?”, I asked her.

“Get ready. We are going to the market. Since Rohan is coming tomorrow, I need to buy a few things to cook for me. And you will feel good too outside. Now, change your saree and wear something prettier.”, bhabhi said.

This was a real strange situation. I had never gone out as a woman before. But the desire to go out had been building inside me for quite some time. So, I agreed. I went to my bedroom and wore a black handloom silk saree that had beautiful wide fuchsia pink border all along it. Bhabhi had purchased this saree for me a few days ago. I really looked beautiful in it. I could not stop myself from admiring the woman I could see in the mirror. I was proud of myself. Bhabhi herself was wearing another handloom silk saree in mehendi color. Soon, we sisters-in-law were ready to go out and get a taxi for the market. But as soon as we stepped out of our home, we noticed something that shook us both. Bhabhi’s brother Rohan was standing outside in front of us!

“Rohan!! How did you.. when… but… but you were supposed to come tomorrow?”, bhabhi asked in a shaking voice. “Sister, I just wanted to surprise you. That’s why I lied a little.”, he laughed and hugged his sister. “By the way, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”, Rohan said as he pointed towards me.

“Oh … yes.. “, bhabhi had lost her control, “She is … she is Sunaina. She is a cousin sister of my husband. She is living with us for a few days.”, bhabhi said. And I barely managed to fold my hands to say namaste to him. I was shaken too.

“Listen, Rohan. You come inside.”, bhabhi sounded a little comfortable by now. “I am heading to the market. I need to buy a few groceries. You stay here with Sunaina. She will take care of you.”, bhabhi said to Rohan and turned towards me. “Sunaina, please make some tea for Rohan. And give him lunch. I will be back soon.”, bhabhi said as if there is nothing to worry about.

I was still shaking inside. Until now, I had been a woman only in front of my bhabhi. Now, I was supposed to be with a man all alone? I didn’t want bhabhi to leave me alone so I grabbed her by wrist. So she came near me and said in my ears, “Listen, we have no other option. You need to be Sunaina while Rohan is here. We don’t want him to make fun of you by revealing your true identity. I am going to see your brother in his office. He needs to know about Sunaina too. Otherwise, he would be surprised to see you as a woman too.” And bhabhi left me with Rohan in a hurry. My face showed my worry but Rohan was constantly looking at me and smiling just like any man does looking at a beautiful woman. I didn’t know how long will I be able to fool him. Sooner or later, he would figure out that I was a man. Because I might have looked like a woman, my gestures were not that of a perfect woman yet.

“Please come in.”, I said to Rohan as I nervously rolled my saree pallu between my fingers. Being afraid of the situation, I could only muster to speak in a meek voice. Rohan walked in with his luggage and sat on a sofa. And I walked in to the kitchen where I began to make tea for him. I was a little relieved that he wasn’t here. Still, I was beginning to sweat profusely inside my silk saree due to the fear that caught me. I also began to cut potatoes and onions to make something for Rohan to eat.

“You are beautiful woman, Sunaina.”, I head Rohan’s voice coming from my back. But I couldn’t turn around to see him. I continued to do the preparations for cooking. I just wished he went back to the drawing room. But he didn’t. He was now standing very close to me. I could feel his warm breath on my exposed back in the deep cut blouse I wore with my saree. He slowly slipped his hand over back to move aside my hair. He then placed his hands over my shoulders and began to slide it all over my body. Starting from my arms over my blouse, he began to touch me everywhere my skin was visible including my waist and stomach. I shivered with his touch.

And then, he got even more closer and said in my ears from behind me, “I recognized you the moment I saw you Vinay. How can I forget you? Two years ago, when my sister married your brother, I was a bride’s brother who was running around serving you, brother of the groom. And today, look at the turn of events. You are serving me like a woman. I am already liking this. You are a sexy woman.”, and Rohan grabbed me tightly around my waist.

I was under Rohan’s strong grip. His body was wrapped around me tightly from the back. He was touching my stomach. I closed my eyes and tried to think about what I should do. But Rohan was completely enamored with my beauty even after knowing the truth about me. He started kissing my back. And he slowly began to push against my soft buttocks. I could feel his cock that was getting harder and bigger with each push against my buttocks. In that moment, I tried with all my energy to get out of his hold.

But when a man gets horny, he gets stronger. He forgets what is right and what is wrong. He turned me around and our faces were looking at each other. He once again grabbed my tightly in his arms and he began to kiss my lips. I resisted but he didn’t stop. I tried to push him away, but he got closer to me with more strength. He bit me around my neck. I moaned in pain in his arms but he kept pressing his body against mine. Today, I was experiencing something that a woman would experience when some man forces himself on her without her approval.

Suddenly he stopped forcing me. He smiled wickedly and placed his hands over my shoulders and began to push me down. I was now down on my knees, crying. My saree pallu had unraveled. My lipstick must have been smeared. I felt helpless. And soon, he opened his pant’s zip and took out his hard cock in front of me. I understood what he wanted, but how could I do that? I don’t know if I felt weak or some unknown fear, but I took hold of his cock in my hands and took it between my fake cleavage. I thought this would satisfy him and he would leave me. I began to stroke him with my hands. My bangles made noise as I did that. The sound of bangles that I used to find sweet earlier, was bothering me today.

But Rohan was not satisfied with my hand strokes. He wanted something more. And he pushed my head down further and made my lips touch his cock. I tried to avoid touching it, but could not due to his strength. And finally, I opened my lips and took his hard cock in between my soft lips. I cried. I was doing this to a man what even women wouldn’t do.

And that’s when my eyes opened! I was dreaming this horrifying dream while I was sleeping in a sofa. The TV was still on. My heart was beating harder after that dream. I tried to calm myself by keeping my hand over my blouse. I noticed that my saree had slipped down exposing my blouse. I pulled up my saree to cover my blouse like a woman. That’s when I heard a voice. “Vinay … you have really become a woman. Now you not only dress up like a woman, you have even started thinking and behaving like one. You still have time to correct your mistake. Remember you are Vinay and not Sunaina!” That voice was coming from inside me.

I got up, fixed my soft crepe saree one last time and went to my bedroom where I removed the saree, blouse and the makeup I was wearing. I changed into male clothes and became Vinay once again. I looked at my phone. There was new email in that phone that said I got a job. I smiled and felt a little happy reading that message. I walked into bhabhi‘s room and handed her the saree, blouse and wig. I said to her, “Bhabhi, Sunaina is dead from now on.”

Bhabhi took that saree in her hand. She smiled, “That’s what I always had wanted".

The End
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Re: Unemployed

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at first i thought i'm reading homosex story but.
o my god, great story, ending was superb it was a dream,
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Re: Unemployed

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Thanks @Mikhail :)
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Re: Unemployed

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:goodpost: :thanks: Not only you are witty with sense of humuor but also good writer. :superb:
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Re: Unemployed

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:clap: :clap: great story bro :thanks:
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